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Bolts Type

  •  Anchor Bolts - Bolt designed to allow objects to be attached to concrete. 
  • Arbor Bolt- Bolt with a washer permanently attached and reversed threading. 
  • Carriage Bolt- Bolt with a smooth rounded head and a square section to prevent turning followed with a threaded section for a nut.
  • Elevator Bolt- Bolt with a large flat head used in conveyor system setups.
  • Hanger Bolt- Bolt that has no head, machine threaded body followed by a wood threaded screw tip.
  • Hex Bolt - Bolt with a hexagonal head and threaded body. 
  • J Bolt - Used for tie downs. Only the non curved section is threaded for a nut to be attached.
  • Lag Bolt- Not a true bolt. Hex bolt head with thread screw tip for use in wood.
  • Rock Bolt - Used in tunnel construction to stabilize walls.
  • Elevator Bolt -  Used in elevators and conveyor belt systems. Large head diameter prevents bolt from penetrating conveyor material. 
  • Sex Bolt or Chicago Bolt  - Bolt that has a male and female part with interior threads and bolt heads on either end.
  • U Bolt - Bolt shaped like the letter U where the two straight sections are threaded.

Standard Nut Sizes

Metric-Hex-Bolt-Sizes (pdf)


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